Tālis Juhna; Rector  -

Prof. Tālis Juhna


Riga Technical University

  • Professor and rector at Riga Technical University (RTU). Talis Juhna is one of the leading researchers in Latvia has the trust and confidence of the local and international scientific community. He has proven the ability to combine research, pedagogical and administrative work. Talis Juhna has more than 15 years’ experience in science and innovation management both at the university and at the national level. Actively involved in the implementation of support mechanisms for the development of start-ups and innovations in Latvia. He has introduced the technology transfer strategy that allowed RTU to become an innovative university in the region. He has developed various support mechanisms for the promotion of the innovation abilities of scientists and students and the development of new technologies, such as the RTU Science and Innovation Centre. Parallel to administrative work he is active in science, leading and as a scientist participating in local and internationally funded science projects. His research is focusing on the application of biotechnologies in drinking water, wastewater systems and renewable energy production, environmental biotechnology, biological kinetics, microbial viability, etc. He has created one of the most advanced Water Research laboratories in the Baltic States. Talis Juhna is involved in several research boards in industry-academia clusters including climate technologies, biotechnology, and material science. He has been appointed to the United Nations high-level group supporting the Technology Facilitation Mechanism, is the ambassador of the European Innovation Council, the chairman of the Advisory Council of the Latvian Science Council. He is a Board Member of Riga Water Company and co-founder of a high-tech biotech start-up.