Andrus Durejko; Chairman -

Mr Andrus Durejko


Management Board of Eesti Energia

  • Andrus Durejko is the CEO of Enefit from April 2023. Enefit operates in the Baltic and Nordic electricity and gas markets, as well as the global liquid fuels market. Enefit offers energy solutions ranging from electricity, heat and fuel production to sales, customer service, and consulting. Prior to Enefit Andrus Durejko was working as Chair of the Management Board at Ericsson Eesti and Ericsson Latvia. In addition, he has worked as an Ericsson Eesti AS Board Member in the field of technology, program director in Nordic and Baltic countries and chief technology officer. He was also Regional Director of Ericsson Ukraine in the field of mobile core networks. Andrus Durejko is an Advisory Board Member at the AI and Robotics (AIRE) Center. He has graduated from Estonian University of Life Sciences in Electrical Power Engineering (M.S) and completed MBA courses in Estonian Business School.